Modern Warfare 2 Crossplay Cannot Be Disabled On PC Or Xbox, However It May Be Disabled On PS5.

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Some individuals enjoy it, while others dislike it. It’s always nice to have more people to play with, but console players will occasionally turn it off to avoid being mauled by the speed and accuracy of mouse and keyboard (or, you know, cheats(opens in new tab)); similarly, PC players will occasionally avoid the accuracy-boosting aim assist(opens in new tab) offered by console shooters. However, for Xbox and PC gamers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, this is not an option.

There is no option to stop Modern Warfare 2 crossplay on Xbox or PC, according to several comments on Reddit(opens in new tab). I can’t answer about Xbox, but I tried the game on PC and that’s correct: there is no option to switch it on or off. What’s weird about the issue is that numerous Redditors claim the PlayStation 5 version of the game does include a crossplay setting. Eurogamer(opens in new tab) confirmed the presence of the PS5 menu option.

On Xbox consoles, you may disable crossplay entirely via the console’s privacy settings (opens in new tab), although this is inconvenient for anyone who wants crossplay allowed in other games but not Modern Warfare 2. And, of course, it does nothing for PC users, who are forced to play with crossplay enabled.

It’s an odd circumstance. It’d be one thing if Activision made crossplay required for all players—not always a good thing, but acceptable. But making it available on one platform but not the other (and not on PC) is an odd decision—assuming it isn’t a bug, of course. Some gamers on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit speculated that Microsoft made the call because it wants to merge Xbox and PC into a unified environment, but I think it’s highly unlikely: At its heart, eliminating the crossplay option is a denial of basic functionality, which will not make anyone happy, regardless of the goal.

Crossplay toggles at the top of the PS5 network settings:

(Image credit: Activision)

PC network settings—take note of the lack of crossplay options:

(Image credit: Activision)

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