Review of Nothing Ear Stick: Fewer Features, Higher Quality

With the Nothing ear (sticks) The company is stressing on design innovation , particularly when it comes to the charging case. But do these brand-new earphones live up to their claims? Here’s our evaluation.

Image courtesy – Nothing

Can you truly add more innovation to a design like wireless earbuds? When Apple initially introduced AirPods, they were incredibly creative for the time and helped to create a brand-new market. The EarPods, however, have been done to death in many forms. Nothing can alter how they seem. And that is the precise idea that Nothing appears to be pursuing with their new ear (sticks).

A rethink of wireless earbuds, or at the very least their charging cases, is attempted with the Nothing ear (sticks). For starters, a lipstick-inspired tubular charging cover that flips up so you can access the earpods incorporates Nothing’s renowned transparent design philosophy. The huge 12.6mm drivers of the earphones receive an opening into your ear canal, and there is a grille at the rear to let them kind of breathe. This is a small deviation from the form we are used to seeing. It resembles open-design headphones.

As you twist to open the casing of the ear (sticks), the new Nothing X app on the Nothing phone 1 comes up on its own in a solid native integration that is reminiscent of how the AirPods function with iPhones. When you tap on this notice, the app will allow you choose an equaliser preset or create your own. If the earbuds go missing, the app can be used to find each one separately by beeping, which is a useful function.

Image courtesy – Nothing

The ear’s (sticks’) acoustic profile is more on the balanced side. The music comes across as rich and crisp. This is not a bass boost sort of headphone, not even with the ‘More Bass’ option in the equalizer.

I felt the ear (sticks) needed to be a little louder to handle situations where you are in busy surroundings and need to hear the dialogue a little louder, even if it is not suggested to listen to music with earbuds at high settings. Remember that they are not noise-canceling, have an open design, and lack silicone tips to block out sounds, in contrast to the Ear (1).

Thanks to Clear Voice technology, you benefit from the same clarity whether you are on calls. Depending on how and for what you are using them, the battery life is up to 30 hours. In actuality, the rapid charge is effective and charges the ear (sticks) to power them for another two hours in around 10 minutes.

Nothing’s ear (sticks) are unquestionably priced higher than average in this current very competitive market at Rs 8,499. In fact, after the arrival of the ear, the Ear (1) could suddenly look like a superior option for fans of Nothing (sticks). However, the ear (sticks) may be a more stylish choice, and you pay an additional dollar for that edge.

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