Top 10 Earphones Under Rs 1000 With Best Performing Mic and Bass

Buying an earphone is probably the toughest job to do with so many options available in the market. there are a lot of brands available in the market and the competition among them is very stiff. Everyone seems to be making good-quality earphones these days. The question is what do people really like when it comes to choosing a wireless earphone. To make the job of choosing the best one we have curated a list of the top 10 earphones under Rs 1000. The earphones are chosen based on user reviews and star ratings plus we have personally tested a few of them.

Find below the list of Top 10 Earphones Under Rs 1000

  • Zinq Technologies Sound Trix 1 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones
    • Quirky Design:- Ergonomic orient, tailored to fit your ear with no hassle of tangles. It’s a comfortable fit. While placing the ear-buds inside your canal, you’ll experience a smooth and comfortable insertion with no fallouts or pain even after long hours of usage. Excellent for sportspeople and athletes as it’s splash resistance. Workout to your favourite beats.
    • Immersive sound experience:- ZinQ Sound Trix 1 is an excellent blend of technology that minimizes the loss of sound and provides excellent noise isolation. For an awe-inspiring audio experience with HD quality and bass-thumping sounds, these are the earphones you need.
    • Lasting battery life:- The battery life lasts up to an impressive 5 hours of non-stop playback time, less than two hours to gain a full charge. It has built-in power management that ensures there’s no scope for overcharging.
    • User-friendly:- With Bluetooth 5.0, 3-button control, magnet design, built-in mic, easy pairing and hassle-free wrap around the neck, the earphones have a lot of interesting features and are easy to operate.
    • Compatible Connectivity:- Has a universal connection with all Bluetooth-enabled devices including smartphones, tabs, laptops, iPods, desktops, etc. Can connect to 2 devices at a time.
    • Warranty:- Warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase.