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HTC’s own ‘metaverse phone’ is launching on June 28

HTC has been largely a missing name in the smartphone market as of late, with barely any new devices launching in regions like India where the phone maker once reigned supreme. However, the company has been known for its developments in the VR (Virtual Reality) segment in recent years. The company is now bringing together its experience in VR and smartphones together in a new device that it will launch later this month.

The new HTC device will launch on June 28 and is set to be the first metaverse (or to be precise, Vivaverse) phone. This means it will likely leverage VR and AR (Augmented Reality) with deeper integration with the Viveverse, HTC’s own flavor of the Metaverse concept.

HTC’s Viveverse phone, which still doesn’t have an official name, was first expected to launch in April this year, but supply chain issues reportedly forced the Taiwan-based company to push back its launch plans.